1) What is an heirloom tomato?
Variety must be able to reproduce itself from seed -They are Open-pollinated and grow “true to type” from seed The variety must have a history of its own: - Perhaps brought to America by immigrants - Saved & improved over the years by a single family or religious group - Perhaps it figured importantly as a staple or ceremonial crop for indigenous peoples - Or it has become well suited to the climate & growing conditions of a particular region Variety must have been introduced more than 50 years ago* - This is an arbitrary cut-off date and different people use different dates - May be considered an heirloom if it represents a superior or important type of vegetable that is “in the heirloom spirit”.

2) Where do I pick-up my plants?

We hold plants sales in the spring at locations in NJ. Our first sale is always the Saturday after Mother's Day (2019 will be May 18th) in Ramsey, NJ, and we will have another sale always on Memorial Day Sat/Sun (2019 will be May 25th& 26th) Augusta, NJ. At both of these sales we will have a thousands of plants available.

3) What are the differences in the pot sizes?

The 3" pot size are plants about 6-8" tall when purchased. The 4 1/2" pot size are alot larger plants and will be about 2 weeks ahead of the 3" sizes. They will produce their fruit a lot earlier.

4) I do not live locally, can you ship me some plants?

No - unfortunately we cannot ship plants.

5) What is the difference between determinate and indeterminate?

A determinate variety will be plants that reach a certain plant height and then stop growing, with most fruit borne over a four to six week period. They produce a heavy crop over a short period of time. An indeterminate variety are plants that continue to grow and flower throughout the season, but have less mature fruits at any one time. Produce larger tomatoes over a longer time period, they continuously bear fruit.